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Otoño en el Valle
Enrique López Suárez

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Dictionary of Spanish Expressions and Idioms, Section "O"

Find the meaning and English equivalents of Spanish expressions and idioms, along with examples of use from Spanish and Hispanic American literature. Otro gallo cantara, ojo al parche...

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Mexican Sayings – for You to Shoot away!

A real Mexican is never at a loss for words. He always has a cartridge-full of Mexican sayings ready at the tip of his tongue. Once you've read this, so will you.

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Mexican Sayings …Starred in by Animals!

Featuring hens and roosters, cows and bulls, donkeys, horses, monkeys and parrots… these Mexican sayings evoke endearing scenes of Mexican rural life.

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Get Started with Mexican Spanish!

Wish to learn authentic Mexican Spanish? This tasty selection of Mexican sayings is just the right place to start!

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Short Spanish Poems

Let these delicate and captivating creations melt on your literary palate. They are short Spanish poems by three great Spanish poets: Federico Garcia Lorca, Jorge Guillen and Rafael Alberti.

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Brilliant Spanish Quotes!

Canny and quite quote-worthy...sparks of genius of great personalities of Hispanic culture. Original Spanish Quotes along with our English translation of them.

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Famous Spanish Sayings!

These are but a few out of the many famous Spanish sayings we Spanish-speakers use in our daily conversation to make it a bit spicier...and to sound wiser!

You are invited to learn their meaning and do likewise.

From "a buen entendedor pocas palabras bastan" to "zapatero a tus zapatos", you'll find here some of the most famous Spanish Sayings, translated and fully explained.

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Spanish Relative Pronouns

Spanish relative pronouns are: que, cual, quien and cuyo. These same words are interrogative or exclamatory pronouns when used to ask or to speak impetuously - or both things at once.

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Spanish Interrogative Pronouns

Spanish interrogative pronouns are a subcategory of Spanish relative pronouns. Those used in modern usage are: qué, cuál and quién.

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Spanish Possessive Pronouns

Spanish possessive pronouns replace the noun, establishing a relationship of possession. Learn to use them and do the exercise.

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Demonstratives in Spanish

On this page we'll study two families of demonstratives in Spanish: adjectives and pronouns. We'll meet as well the corresponding demonstrative adverbs of location.

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Articles in Spanish

Here you'll learn the bare basics on articles in Spanish. We keep it here really simple and provide only the information you need to get started. There's exercises, too.

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Spanish Pronouns

There are different kinds of Spanish pronouns: personal, possessive, demonstrative, relative and indefinite. Let's start by studying personal pronouns.

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Spanish verb Ser

Here we'll learn to conjugate the Spanish verb ser in the present tense. Read lots of examples of the different ways in which the verb is used and do the exercise.

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Spanish Articles

The following Spanish articles correspond to THE and A / AN in English. Notice that articles must match the noun in gender and number.

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Spanish Verb Tenses

Here we'll review the basic Spanish verb tenses. Read attentively the three regular conjugation models before doing the conjugation exercises below, which cover all grammatical persons.

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Easy Spanish Writing Exercises - Singular and Plural

On this page you'll find easy Spanish writing exercises to practice switching between singular and plural.

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Basic Spanish Tenses

Here we'll study when to use each of the basic Spanish tenses. We provide you with the three regular conjugation models which will help you to do the conjugating exercises below.

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Spanish Future Tense

We'll now learn the regular conjugation of the Spanish future tense. Regular verbs in Spanish fall into three groups, according to the ending of their infinitive...

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Spanish Past Tense

The following Spanish past tense exercises are designed for you to learn as you do them, rather than to test your knowledge.

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Spanish Adjectives

Please notice that in Spanish adjectives must match the noun both in number and in gender. Look carefully at the following table before doing the exercise:

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Spanish Quotes presents... more Borges Quotes!

Quite definitely, many of the best Spanish quotes are by Borges. See how much the personality of the Argentinian writer comes across in this page of quotes!

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Cervantes Quotes

Here's a page-full of Cervantes Quotes for you to meet the Prince of Wits, El Principe de los Ingenios. Browse to read more famous Spanish quotes and meet the main authors of the Spanish language!

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Spanish Quotes presents… Gabriel García Márquez!

Insightful and thought-provoking quotations from the pen of the author of One Hundred Years of Solitude along with their English translation. Brought to you by Spanish Quotes.

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Spanish Quotes presents… Ernesto Sábato!

Culled from the work of the Argentine writer, author of the existentialist novel 'The Tunnel', a page-full of Sabato quotes along with their English translations. A great page of Spanish Quotes.

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