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On this, our section on Spanish grammar, we present you with a growing collection of Spanish lessons, exercises and worksheets for you to consolidate your knowledge of Spanish and build on it. We'll be happy to hear your wishes and comments. Drop us a line!

For Beginners

Spanish Articles

Here you'll learn the bare basics on articles in Spanish. We keep it here really simple and provide only the information you need to get started building phrases and sentences in Spanish.

Verb "Ser" : to be

  • Learn to conjugate the Spanish verb ser in the present tense.
  • Read the examples and get familiar with some of the ways in which the Spanish verb "ser" is used.
  • Take mental note of what functions of "to be" are covered by estar rather than by ser.
  • Exercise: practice conjugating the verb in context.

Singular and Plural 

Easy exercises to practice switching between the singular and plural conjugation of the third person in the present tense. Example: él estudia/ellos estudian.

Spanish Adjectives

Learn some of the most commonly used Spanish adjectives and learn to match them to nouns.

Interrogative and Exclamatory Pronouns

QuéCuál and Quién. Theory, examples and exercise.

Spanish Past Tense

Learn and practice the past tense conjugation of regular verbs. 

For Intermediate Students

Spanish Articles

  • Table of definite and indefinite articles, examples
  • Exercise: Fill in the missing articles
  • Irregularities for the sake of euphony, ex. el agua
  • Contractions: a + el = al and de + el = del
  • Neutral article "lo"

Personal Pronouns

  • Table of personal pronouns: nominative [yo,, él, etc.], accusative [me, te, lo, etc.], dative [me, te, le, etc.]and prepositional [de , de ti, de él, etc.]
  • Concise and clear explanations, with examples.
  • Exercises [answers at the end of the page].


Learn to use and differentiate between

  • demonstrative adjectives [este, ese, aquel, etc.] and 
  • demonstrative pronouns [éste, ése, aquél, etc.]

Meet as well the corresponding

  • demonstrative adverbs of location [aquí, ahí, allá]

Possessive Pronouns

Examples, table [el mío, el tuyo, el suyo, etc.], explanation and exercises.

Spanish Future Tense

Using the verb "amar" as a model, learn the future tense conjugation of all regular verbs ending with "ar". Meet the most common verbs that belong to this group and practice their conjugation, in context.

Spanish Tenses

  • Clear and concise indications of when to use the following tenses: presente, imperfecto, pretérito, futuro and condicional. 
  • Conjugation models for regular verbs in the above mentioned tenses.
  • Writing exercises for you to practice conjugating the most commonly used regular verbs, in context. The exercises on this page focus on the first person singular.

Spanish Tenses II

  • Review of the material covered on the previous page of Spanish Tenses.
  • Exercises covering all grammatical persons.

Spanish Relative Pronouns

Que, cual, quien and cuyo. Theory, examples and exercises. 

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