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Don Quijote by Ivan Darío Ramírez Jaramillo

Once you discover the Spanish language new worlds start opening up to you...

Worlds that were alluring but inaccessible begin to unfold before your very eyes – and ears!

Strange sounds that made no sense to the ear become full of meaning...The once unintelligible becomes something you can actually interact with and be part of!

And now...It's time to take your Spanish learning experience even one step forward...

  • Get involved with the cultural heritage inherent in our language traditions.
  • Let yourself be ushered into the world of Hispanic literature...
  • Explore the mood and mindset of the Spanish speaking peoples and gain a glimpse into our perception of reality.

At Spanish-learning corner we want to be part of your Spanish-learning adventure. We´ve compiled the following material in hopes of enhancing your experience of the Spanish language.

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Favorite Spanish Proverbs!

Most of these Spanish proverbs, or proverbial phrases, are so well-known and commonly used, that if you are at all serious about learning Spanish, you simply can't do without them...

Spanish Sayings for you to Say your Say!

Sprinkle your conversation with these gems of popular wisdom to make it come alive. Spanish sayings will also give you some food for thought...

Mexican Sayings – for You to Shoot away!

A real Mexican is never at a loss for words. He always has a cartridge-full of Mexican sayings ready at the tip of his tongue. Once you've read this, so will you.

Dictionary of Spanish Idioms and Expressions

Find the meaning and English equivalents of Spanish idioms and expressions, along with examples of use from Spanish and Hispanic American literature. A unique resource for Spanish learners!

Brilliant Spanish Quotes!

Canny and quite quote-worthy...sparks of genius of great personalities of Hispanic culture. Original Spanish Quotes along with our English translation of them.

Short Spanish Poems

Let these delicate and captivating creations melt on your literary palate. They are short Spanish poems by three great Spanish poets: Federico Garcia Lorca, Jorge Guillen and Rafael Alberti.

Our Spanish Language Blog

The Spanish Language Blog keeps you up-to-date with additions and changes to the spanish-learning-corner.com Web site. Subscribe here.

Online Spanish Dictionary... at your fingertips!

While you visit us, you might enjoy having a good online Spanish dictionary, or two, handy. Well, these will no doubt do a great job as reading and learning companions...

Translation to Spanish

As a freelance translator, I offer you professionalism, accuracy, a polished writing style and the commitment to produce only work of the highest quality.Translation to Spanish from English and German

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Pablo Picasso

Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one doesn't dissolve in the bathtub like a lump of sugar.

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Cada uno
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De noche,
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A palabras de borracho,
oídos de jicarero

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